About Us

Charities Trust is an innovative leader in donations management and is one of the largest Payroll Giving agencies in the UK, working with companies, individuals and charities to grow the giving market.

We have a track record of providing a full and comprehensive range of online and offline charity services to enable people to raise more money, more efficiently.

We apply the following values in everything we do: Professional, Positive, Personal, Proactive and Practical. These values enable us to deliver outstanding market leading services to a large range of organisations across all sectors.

As a charity and not-for-profit we always keep fees as low as possible, and any surplus generated by Charities Trust is re-invested into improving our products and services with the ultimate aim of growing the giving market. Charities Trust provides a gateway for corporate and individual donors to reach every UK charity, UK good cause and international services for organisations operating across the globe.

We are approved by HM Revenue & Customs as a payroll giving agency, registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales and are licensed by the Gambling Commission to promote society lotteries.

Charities Trust was established in 1987 by the Littlewoods organisation. Our aim then was to enable more people to give to charity through Payroll Giving.

Since 2003 Charities Trust has been an independent organisation that has worked to energise giving. Today we work to provide end to end solutions across a wide range of corporate social responsibility activities including individual and corporate fundraising and match management, appeals management including Christmas campaigns and disaster appeals, charity verification and support on community engagement.

In the last five years we have distributed £300 million to more than 50,000 charities earning a reputation as the UK’s most innovative donation management agency.