Charity Statement Service

A great service for any charity, providing you with a monthly statement facility for Payroll Giving and fundraising.

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Payroll Giving donations

For donations made via Payroll Giving, Charities Trust makes twice-monthly payments to charity, so each month you will potentially see two payments from Charities Trust – at the middle and the end of each month.

To manage this secure service, we charge a small fee for accessing Payroll Giving statements.


Donations from all other sources

This statement is available mid-month and covers money from all other sources. There is no cost for accessing this statement but you will still need to register with us to receive login details to access your statements.


Registering for statements

To register for statements, please use the contact form below. Please include your Charity Commission number (or OSCR, HMRC or CCNI number) and Charities Trust reference.

We’ll set you up on our system and you will receive a confirmation email with your login details and a link to the statement website.

We strongly recommend that you use a generic email for your charity contact email i.e. your info@ at address as opposed to a personalised email address.

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