Payroll Giving

Now in it's 30th year, Payroll Giving is the smartest way to give. It allows your employees to easily donate to good causes tax free, direct from their pay. Any UK charity, any cause.

If you pay your employees or pensioners through PAYE (as most UK companies do), you can set up a Payroll Giving scheme.

Run through HMRC and administered by Charities Trust, we process and pay out to any charity or recognised good cause registered within the UK.

Donations are deducted from gross pay – before tax is deducted. This gives immediate tax relief on donations and means it costs less for your employees to donate. The table below gives some examples:

*These figures are dependent on whether you the employer chooses to pay the 25p administration charge.



  • Easy to set up – little additional work for you
  • Any costs incurred in launching and promoting the scheme to employees may be offset against Corporation Tax as tax deductible expenses
  • Your employees can also donate tax-effectively at bonus time with a one-off donation
  • Your employees can easily choose to give to any UK registered charity or good cause
  • Charities Trust can provide monthly reports for your CSR targets
  • Payroll Giving can work alongside your match funding programmes
  • You can also offer employees a My Giving Account  to manage their donations
  • Option for online employee registration
  • You can switch your existing Payroll Giving to us, quickly and easily 


Next Steps

  1. Register with Charities Trust for your Payroll Giving by downloading our Payroll Giving Agreement using the link below and return a scanned copy to
  2. Promote your Payroll Giving scheme throughout your company
  3. Sign employees up to make regular donations through Payroll Giving using one of our free online forms or by using the Employee Registration form linked below



Payroll Giving Agreement

Employee Registration Form