The Future of Corporate Giving

Charities will face increasing pressure to commercialise, delivering profit for corporate supporters as well as clearly measurable outcomes over the next decade.  Some may struggle to meet the challenge, according to a new futures report from Charities Trust.

The research, The Future of Corporate Giving Report, analysed community investment trends and aspirations to identify the likely route for growth.

Carried out by Corporate Citizenship and supported by Medicash, the work opens a window on the giving world of 2023.  It identifies major changes in how companies approach their giving strategies.

The report, which also sought the views of corporate opinion leaders, community practitioners and other experts, found that big business will play a much larger part in driving delivery from the charities it partners.  Part of the challenge for charities and causes will be finding robust evaluation methods to show progress against agreed targets.

Companies’ community programmes will also be set up to deliver commercial value, outside of revenue, from meeting social needs.  Although traditional philanthropy will survive, some companies will fund corporate giving as for-profit, commercial ventures.

Already companies are giving more than cash.  Fifteen years ago London Benchmarking Group (LBG), the global standard for measuring community investment, had just six members; today it has 300.  Although cash giving will remain important; so too will creating the means to track it and measure its impact.

Charities Trust, one of the UK’s largest Payroll Giving and donations management agencies, commissioned the foresight report to mark its 25th year of working to connect companies with causes, and to inform a long-term giving growth strategy.

Download the full report: