Case Studies

Royal Mail Group Case Study – Record Breaking Payroll Giving

An early adopter of Payroll Giving, Royal Mail has been a client of Charities Trust since 1989.

Since then, the organisation has gone through a number of modernisations, including how its charitable giving is arranged.

With a strong social policy and broad community programme in place we were asked to administrate staff fundraising and manage and promote Payroll Giving to around 152,000 employees.

Funds totalling more than £45m have subsequently been managed and the organisation also attracted a Guinness World Record for the most charities supported by a Payroll Giving scheme.

Costa Foundation Case Study – Helping communities to grow

Costa Coffee set up a long-term charitable strategy in November 2006 which was launched publicly in May 2007.  The aim of the Foundation was to do the right thing by giving something back to coffee growing communities.

The Foundation provides access to a quality education for children in coffee growing communities by building and furnishing schools.  It’s something the farmers have requested and it’s a route to reducing poverty long-term.

To get things moving swiftly, Costa set up a Corporate Charity Account at Charities Trust.  While Costa and its ten thousand employees set to work fundraising and deciding where and when to build new schools around the world, Charities Trust provided the Foundation with charitable status under their charity commission registration.

Costa Foundation became a charity in it’s own right in 2012 and continues to work with Charities Trust to find innovative ways to increase fundraising