My Giving Account

A personal online charity account that enables you to put aside money specifically for charitable giving.

You choose how much and how often you wish to donate. You can make or schedule donations as well as letting funds accumulate in your account.

Donations are deducted straight from your salary via Payroll Giving and deposited into your account.

Our database contains thousands of registered UK charities, so there are plenty of good causes to choose to support.



  • A secure online service for your charitable donations – similar to an online current account
  • You can add your favourite charities to our database, if they’re not already listed, providing they are a registered charity or good cause
  • Keep track of your transactions with a secure account of all your charitable activities; you can also download recent transaction reports
  • Personalise your donation schedule and set up hassle-free regular donations with little effort
  • Support as many charities as you wish from your account
  • Give individual donations to support disaster relief appeals
  • Participate in charity fundraisers with family and friends through Sponsor Me
  • Use your account to make instant donations or save up your funds to give a larger donation


Next Steps

  1. Contact your Payroll department or Charities Trust to find out if your company operates a Payroll Giving scheme
  2. Download and fill in the Payroll Giving form, and select the option to create a My Giving Account
  3. We’ll use the details you provide to set up your My Giving Account for you


Already an Account holder?

If you already have a My Giving Account you can access it here.