Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is the smartest and easiest way to give. It allows you to donate, tax free, direct from your pay to any UK registered charity.

Every employer in the UK can start a Payroll Giving scheme, no matter the size of the business or industry type. Your employer may already have a scheme in place. 

It's easy to set up and there are lots of benefits. Donations are deducted straight from your gross pay - before tax is deducted. This gives immediate tax relief so it costs you less to give more. The table below gives some examples:

*These figures are dependent on whether your employer chooses to pay the 25p administration charge.


  • Easy and convenient - straight from your pay
  • Tax-effective - it costs you less to give more
  • Supports the causes you care about
  • Flexibile - you decide how much you want to give and to which causes
  • Donations can be split between multiple charities
  • You can make a one off tax-free donation at any time e.g. if you receive a bonus
  • Donations can be deposited into a My Giving Account for extra flexibility 

Next Steps

  1. Contact your HR or payroll department to check they are signed up for Payroll Giving through Charities Trust
  2. Download Charities Trust Payroll Giving Employee Registration Form >
  3. Send a completed form to your HR / payroll department

INFOGRAPHIC | make every payday count

A clear and simple guide explaining the key facts and benefits of Payroll Giving
Download infographic here >