Social Impact Investment

Why can’t social issues be addressed with the same resources and entrepreneurial spirit that we see in venture capital schemes? The answer is they can.

Social Impact Investments are investments made into charitable organisations and Funds with the intention of generating a measurable and beneficial social or environmental impact, alongside a financial return.

Charities Trust offers a range of Social Impact Investment opportunities for individuals and Corporate & Charitable Foundations.

The choice is yours dependent upon your particular interest or passion. These funds and bonds are typically constructed through organisations such as…

But not exclusively. If you have a particular interest then talk to us and we would be happy to explore this for you.


Tax Benefits

A higher rate tax paying employee (40%) who donates £50,000 through Payroll Giving into their My Giving Account (MGA) will see the whole gross amount in their account but the net cost to the employee is £30,000.

A higher rate tax paying employee who donates £50,000 into their MGA via bank transfer will have a further £12,500 added once the Gift Aid has been claimed.


How does Giving For Growth work?

The exciting thing about Giving for Growth is that its intention is to provide a pot of money that constantly recycles. Whilst there is no guarantee of a financial return, whatever is returned or repaid will go back in your My Giving Account (see below), making funds available for new social initiatives or for charitable donations.

Regular updates will be provided during the duration of your investment keeping you up to date with the impact your donation is having. Even if your investment does not result in a financial return, it may still have had a great social impact.


What is a My Giving Account (MGA)?

An MGA is a personal, online, tax efficient account specifically designed to manage your charitable giving.

Charities Trust manages many millions of pounds for over 12,000 individual account holders with balances ranging from £10 – £1 million.

Donations can be allocated to your MGA though tax efficient Payroll Giving (pre-tax) or topped up directly via bank transfer or debit/credit card(post tax). We can claim Gift Aid on post tax top ups growing your balance even further.