Sponsor Me

Make fundraising easy with our online event fundraising tool that allows your employees to raise money for their favourite charities.  

Sponsor Me has all the core functionality that you will find within the market leading fundraising sites, with the added ability to integrate with other Charities Trust services.

Your employees will see clearly how the company is providing the tools and support to allow them to achieve their fundraising goals.

Using Sponsor Me as a company means that you will be able to receive reports on the progress of your employees fundraising for all activities, as well as facilitating any matched funding that you wish to offer. This can really improve a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme and engage colleagues in raising/donating money. Please contact us for more details on this service.



  • Support up to six charities with just one event
  • Fundraisers can choose how money will be split between the charities
  • Interactive totaliser displaying how much has been raised and the percentage of the total target
  • Donors can add comments with their donations in support of the fundraising activities
  • Potential Gift Aid for each donation is displayed
  • Full breakdown of donations by individual, with an additional option to donate anonymously for those who wish to remain unknown
  • Event pages are fully customisable allowing event owners to apply logos, text and distribute their pages with the latest social media tools
  • Employees can donate to Sponsor Me events using their My Giving Account


Next Steps: 

  1. Download our Sponsor Me information using the button below
  2. Contact us to see how Sponsor Me can work for your company



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